Prediction FantasyFancy Being Paul The Octopus? Have A Go! (Predict Win/Loss And Margin)

Explain me about Cricbattle prediction challenge.

Cricbattle offers prediction contests for election (state/central) tournaments like Gujrat, UP state etc. The perfect predictor - one who manages to end the election tournament with 100% prediction success rate wins a bumper prize (it varies according to the election tournament).

How do I Join League?

1. Select the election tournament you want to play and you will be directed to the Tournament Home
2. Just click the Join button to join the prediction leagues

What do I need to do?

1. Pick the winning party for specific seat
2. Pick the winning margin from the drop down menu
3. Click submit
4. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 for the entire election tournament.

Prediction Points = Win Points + Margin Points + Bonus Points
Type Points Condition
Win Points
(Per Seat)
1 Predict winning party correctly
1 If the election is cancelled due to any unforeseen reason, CricBattle will void the seat result and award 1 point to all users.
Margin Points
(Per Seat)
1 Other Party wins
0.5 within 0-5 vote %
0.3 within 6-15 vote %
0.2 within 16-25 vote %
Bonus Points
(Per Round)
0.5 If you predict all seat results correctly in a given round.
1 If you predict all seats correctly and win 0.3 or more margin points in each seat in a given round.


Till when can I submit my entries?

Enteries are allowed till the scheduled start of every seat.

How many seats can I predict at a time?

You can predict the entire election tournament if you would want to, or as people usually do, one by one.

I see there are two leaderboards - Win Points leaderboard and Prediction Points leaderboard. Please explain me in detail.
Win Points is just predicting the result of every seat. Only that part will be taken into account. Prediction Points includes result, margin and bonus points. This will have a different leaderboard.

Just predict the winning party of a seat to get points.
Seat 1 : BJP Vs INC
You Predicted : BJP will win the seat
Seat Result : BJP won the seat
1 win point will be awarded for each correct prediction


Predict the margin of victory along with the winning party to get margin points.
Seat 1 : BJP Vs INC
You Predicted : BJP will win by 10 % vote
Seat Result : BJP won by 20 % vote
1 win point for correct prediction and 0.3 margin points wil be awarded

Where can I see the prize details?

You can see it in the prediction home tab.